Life of a Student Journalist

When I was in Gainesville at the University of Florida, I was lucky enough to live across the street from campus. I knew I would be spending a lot of time within the College of Journalism and Communications, more specifically the INC, and I wanted to spend the least amount of time commuting to campus as possible.

One of the great things about the CJC is that within the college, there are many different majors and electives you can take to enrich your experience and education. While I didn’t take any advertising electives, I started in at the University of Florida as a journalism major, then switched my major to telecommunications once I realized it fit my career goals more.

The previously mentioned Innovation News Center was an amazing experience that I truly believe educated me the most on what it means and takes to be a journalist. I have so many great projects that I worked on during my year and a half of involvement in the INC, but my favorite would be the episodic mini-documentary Invisible Aftermath. I helped produce all four episodes by casting the main family, but I also produced the entire second episode.

I also created some investigative pieces like this one on health code violations.

On top of the INC, there is the Center for Media Innovation and Research, a digital lab where students can go for inspiration and research. It acts as an incubation area for students to apply what they’ve learned and to push it further. Student projects and ideas can be found on the Projects page and include projects about an autistic painter, a Catholic rapper and ultimate frisbee.

I’m proud of my school and to soon be an Alumni of the University of Florida. I had no other school in mind when I went back to school and it is surreal that my experience as a Gator undergrad is almost over.


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